The inner sanctum of the Narayana temple was cloaked in impenetrable darkness. That did not deter the elderly priest from walking swiftly past me, his eyes either better accustomed to the dark or his soul

Thanesar is a bit confusing to a first-time visitor. For one thing, it is quite impossible to understand when the temple town of Kurukshetra has gone past and when Thanesar has begun, so closely intertwined

The drive from Bhuj to Dholavira takes a little over four hours. Gradually, the browns and greens of the countryside give way to the white sands of the Rann, broken occasionally by the colourful attire

‘Kauwa Dol’ must be the most interesting name for a heritage site anywhere in the country.  But beyond the name, the heritage tucked away at this site must rank alongside Bihar’s finest. Kauwa Dol is

It is a curious observation that several villages in Uttar Pradesh have ‘Bujurg’ suffixed to their names? Kushinagar district has a Rampur Bujurg and a Pipra Bujurg, there exists a Bisanda Bujurg in Banda, a

A journey south-west from Lucknow towards Jhansi is a bit like going into a different universe. Once Lucknow and Kanpur are left behind, there are no more large cities, the greens and browns of the