If an average person in Patna were asked about the Kesariya stupa, chances are that the person would be entirely unaware of it or at best would have a vague idea of it being located in the state. Unless they were history buffs. By rights, the gigantic stupa in Bihar’s East Champaran has the potential […]

Hidden Heritage in Kanpur Rural

This Hidden heritage story will take readers beyond known sites, plunging deep into the Kanpur rural countryside. These sites are either a mystery to locals or are unprotected by the ASI. To make journeys safer and better planned, a series of kos minars was built at regular intervals. The first site is linked to the […]

The Lion King of Dudhai

A forest range road leads a visitor from Deogarh in Lalitpur to Dudhai village. While driving through, he might suddenly come across a small bundle of sticks at the edge of the road. A bundle left behind by a forest dweller frightened by the sound of the vehicle, to be reclaimed when the potential danger […]