The village of Mehrauli, located at the southern edge of Delhi, has seen unbroken habitation for over 1,200 years. Almost every dynasty that has controlled Delhi, or pretended to, has added to the built heritage of this zone. As a result, the place has become a microcosm of Delhi’s history.

Hidden Heritage Art’s ‘Kite over Mehrauli’ seeks to visually chronicle all of this, amidst the dense built-up area that the former village has now morphed into. A tomb shares space with a Ramleela area, another is spoken of as a labyrinth, while a stepwell once known for the medicinal nature of its water has now become a dumping ground.

We have also taken the liberty of modifying the structure of one monument entirely – The Yogmaya Temple is shown as a circular form temple, emulating a design followed for Yogini temples in ancient times.

‘Kite over Mehrauli’ has been created by the wonderfully talented Shashank Gautam, who has honed his skills at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), working with Hidden Heritage founder Arjun Kumar.

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