The state best-known for heritage in India still has a few gems of obscure heritage tucked away. Join us as we look beyond known tourist destinations.

Madhya Pradesh

The heart of India through which ideas, soldiers and faiths passed through bears many footprints of our great past.


Our gateway to trade from abroad is richly endowed with heritage ranging from its vavs to durbargadhs, from beautiful temples to examples of Islamic architecture.


A land which saw many a mighty battle for possession of Delhi has much more than its battlefields. Catch glimpses of the sultanate and pre-Islamic periods with us.


Traverse a Mughal journey which once took emperors, merchants and armies from Peshawar to the Gangetic belt. We’ll also try and grab nuggets from its ancient past.

Uttar Pradesh

Ancient Indian heritage vies for space and attention in India’s most populous state. There is much more to the state than the Taj or the ghats of Varanasi.


Home to India’s most diverse heritage - from Jain & Buddhist sites to the marvellous Hoysala and Vijaynagara temples, from Bahmani bastions to Maratha influences.

Tamil Nadu

A visitor can never get enough of the magical Chola temples, but for those who want more, join us as we explore forts, Jain sites and obscure temples sites.


There’s more to this thickly forested state than minerals. Its real wealth is in its temple sites which have some India’s finest carving.


This coastal state has more than a Rath Yatra – a visitor can go on a thousand yatras chasing the countless temple sites in its interiors.


Once the capital of empires that encompassed almost the entire sub-continent, the state is dotted with heritage sites. The trick is to look in places where you least expect to see something.

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